Laapata: Falak’s reciprocate slap scene is winning hearts all over internet


The latest episode of Hum Tv’s drama serial “Laapata” is being loved all over the internet because of the slap scene. The episode shows how Falak (Sarah Khan) puts domestic violence to an end.

The episode portrayed an intense scene where Daniyal (Gohar Rasheed) slaps his wife Falak (Sarah Khan) however, Falak (Sarah Khan) slaps him back while saying no to domestic violence.

And, warns him by saying:

“Khabardaar, main tumhare haath torr doongi”

After the scene went viral on social media, netizens can’t stop themselves from appreciating this scene:

This is the first scene in Pakistani drama history where a woman slaps back in return. Audience is happy because something positive is shown to end and stop the domestic violence.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!



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