No matter how helpless you are, never tolerate abuse relationships: Atiqa Odho


Legendary actress Atiqa Odho is well known for her famous drama serials including Sitara Aur Mehrunissa and Humsafar. Currently, we saw her in Ary Digital’s Pardes.

Recently, the star appeared in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine where she opened up about her personal life.

While telling about her family background, Atiqa said:

 “I came from an upper and elite class but a broken home and my whole thing were that I’ve always been very starved for a father figure.”

Atiqa Odho has been divorced twice in the past and things were very complicated in life.

She added:

“I married young and had children young, I went to school after kids. I did a lot of catching up in my life. I realised that I did all of these things because of childhood trauma or emotional needs, I understood it, so I needed to fix it. You can fix anything at any time. This timeframe is your own construct. No one is putting a timeline on your life.”

While giving advice to women suffering in an abusive relationship, she said:

“If you are in an abusive relationship, you shouldn’t be in it regardless of the situation. If God has given you functioning limbs and intelligence, and if you can earn by sweeping floors even, which is an equally dignified form of labour, it’s better than being in an abusive relationship. No home with abuse is a stable home. Find a way to get out.”

She concluded:

“I had a supportive family, my children were my greatest strength. So many people say to me that children can’t do anything, but for me, my children were my biggest support. They stood by me through everything. The only thing I cared about was keeping myself and my children safe. Everything else is irrelevant. Society has nothing to do with it. Society doesn’t raise your kids or save you when someone is hurting you. No one comes to your door, so who are you pleasing? This society is not worth it. I have the right to live a happy, comfortable life. My children have the right to a stable, normal existence.”

Watch the interview below:

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