Pampers For Paternity


One of the many challenges mothers face when raising children in Pakistan is not being able to share the responsibility with their spouses – Fathers who are unable to contribute due to an absence of paternal leaves, which is why Pampers took on this challenge to start a movement in Pakistan to highlight the need of paternal leaves.

The DVC focused on highlighting how Fathers miss out on their child’s birth – a once in a lifetime moment that is unparallel to any other, due to commitments at their workplaces and the challenges of not having access to paternity leaves. With a heartfelt storyboard, Pampers raised its voice for this narrative and linked it with P&G’s Share The Care initiative, which offers paternity leave of 8 weeks to new fathers and the opportunity to care for and bond with their newborns. To start a movement that could bring a reform in the society, the call to action with the DVC was – a link where the audience could sign a petition to show their support for paternal leaves.

With this initiative Pampers truly became talk of the town particularly on Father’s Day – trending at #3 on Twitter with a combined digital view count of +1Mn and +2700 signs on the petition. Apart from Pakistani celebrity fathers like Imran Ashraf and Fahad Mustafa, the initiative was also applauded by higher management across various Tier 1 companies.


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