If you think verbal abuse makes you a good person, please check again: Mansha Pasha


Celebrities are always under criticism when it comes to lifestyle choices and fashion sense. The public never stops writing hateful comments, especially for female stars.

After LSA 2021 ended, social media is full of pictures of the star-studded event. Celebrities are being trolled every now or then for their outfits and style statements.

Many of the stars choose to ignore the hatred of the audience but Mansha Pasha came forward to shut the trolls. She raised her voice on how female stars are targeted and shamed for their dressing after the award show ends.

Mansha took Twitter to express her thoughts and said:

“Every award show ends with a slew of sermonizing comments under the photos of all female celebrities making character judgments about how good or bad she is based on her outfit.”

Moreover, Laal Kabootar star spoke:

“If you think verbal abuse (well-intended or justified in your minds perhaps) makes you a good person, please check again.”

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