Our history isn’t of Turkey & Salauddin Ayyubi is not our hero: Iffat Omar


Veteran actress Iffat Omar is always making headlines for speaking up about something different. She always shares her opinion or point of view on different topics including politics, collaboration with others and slamming haters.

Recently, Iffat Omer appeared in an interview with Nauman Ijaz where she spoke about Turkish shows and collaborations.

While asking about government promoting Islamic heritage by showing popular Turkish programmes, she responded:

Turks invaded us. Understand this. We do not need fictional characters, we need stories about scientists. There’s not a single mathematician, a scientist in Pakistan that is known the world over.

While talking about the upcoming Pak-Turk collaboration on an upcoming series on Salauddin Ayyubi, she spoke:

Salauddin Ayyubi is not our hero. This has been indoctrinated in Pakistanis since our country has been formed. We think of ourselves as superiors.

While concluding, she told:

Our history is of sub-continent, we need to endorse that. Our history isn’t of Turkey.

Watch the interview below:

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