Shahroz & I make sure that we co-parent Nooreh: Syra Yousuf


Sinfe Aahan star Syra Yousuf recently appeared in an interview with Fuschia Magazine where she talked about different things including her daughter and the role of her current drama etc.

Upon asking about the journey as a single mother, she shared:

I don’t think much has changed for me [after divorce] because my family is still just as supportive. Shahroz and I make sure that we co-parent Nooreh.

She continued:

There really isn’t an absence of the other parent. He’s very much involved and so is his parents. So, I don’t feel the challenges of being a single mother, but I do feel the challenges of being a mother. Like, managing your time between work and family, and these are your child’s growing years. If you are absent at this stage, your child will start to feel abandoned, so that’s a choice I have to make.

While telling about her role as a Christian soldier in Sinf e Aahan, she shared:

I was very happy. I said that I would love to represent our minorities. It’s a brilliant idea and Umera Ahmed has written it so well that nothing feels like it is being imposed. It’s all very subtle.

Moreover, she said:

Just because you’re Christian doesn’t mean there has to be something different about you. So, I don’t think I had to research the character as such, but I feel that it’s important to keep in mind how a minority would feel in certain situations, that was very important for me. So, I tried to work on that.

Watch the interview below:

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