Fans have high expectations for Zara Noor Abbas’s Badshah Begum


Badshah Begum is a project that has been in the works for a long time. Our Badshah Begum is Zara Noor Abbas, and the project is almost complete.

Zara Noor Abbas plays Jahan Ara, and the trailer certainly portrays her as a heavy handed queen.

People are getting extremely royal vibes from the whole aura, jewellery, and clothing, and Badshah Begum appears to be a drama about power politics.

Zara Noor Abbas shared the teaser with the caption on her Instagram:

Hum aurtain kisi ki jageer naheen, keh hum per shartain aur baaziaan lagayee jayein

In teaser, while sitting on a throne, Zara utters:

“Honour is always associated with a woman and it’s always a woman who has to sacrifice. Maybe that’s why this throne needs only a woman.”

Another teaser features Komal Meer where Zara tells her the perks of being Badshah Begum by saying:

“Badshah Begum ban ke tum woh tamaam cheezain hasil kar sakti ho, jiski tumhe tamanna hai..”

After the teasers are out, fans appreciate the story line and have set high expectations from this drama serial.

Let’s see what they have to say:

Hum TV’s Badshah Begum is a joint venture between Momina Duraid Productions and Rafay Rashdi Productions. It includes Yasir Hussain, Farhan Saeed, Abbas, Ali Rehman, Komal Meer, and Shahzad Nawaz.

Written by Saji Gul and directed by Khizar Idrees, the will be on air soon.

Watch the teasers below:

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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