Lata Ji’s soul was selected by God, we can’t picture it: Abida Parveen


Abida Parveen, a legendary Sufi singer, gave an emotional tribute to Indian lead singer Lata Mangeshkar, called the “Nightingale of India” by millions, who died on Sunday morning at the age of 92.

The death of the Lag Jaa Gale singer has saddened the entire entertainment industry. In the midst of it all, the Tu Jhoom singer gave an exclusive interview to the Indian press and paid tribute to the icon.

She said:

Lata Ji’s soul was selected by God we can’t picture it, she was someone whose voice sparked with its uniqueness. Whatever songs she has sung, she would completely immerse herself into them. The pain would be reflected like a gift from God. She made the entire world her own with this gift.

Moreover, she continued:

She was so humble, she would think nothing of herself. I remember she was once asked- do you like your songs. She had replied, if I get another life, I would sing them again and correct them, she was so humble.

While remembering the time she met Lata Ji in India, she shared:

I was once recording in India and heard Didi Ji is here, I left my recording, went to her and fell to her feet. I could not stop crying. She is someone who conquered souls, only spread love in this world and this is a universal message for the entire globe. She will be infamous on Earth and beyond.

While ending, she uttered:

Big people like her are never satisfied with their work. People can learn from her songs like they do from school.

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