Aurat March portrays issues that aren’t helping women: Veena Malik


On March 8, women in Pakistan joined women all over the world in protesting for their rights and raising their voices for the underprivileged and marginalised.

They marched to protest the country’s social and political systems, which are filled with discrimination, harassment, and biases. Many people believe Aurat March is doing a “amazing job” of giving repressed women a voice, while actor Veena Malik believes it is “focused on subjects that aren’t helping women out at all.”

In a recent interview, Veena said:

There are a lot of issues women face and those are serious issues. But what I feel is that Aurat March is not working on issues that are imperative but are focusing on issues that aren’t helping women out at all. They will [Aurat March] will probably attract controversy. They are not serious.

She added:

Women do [face] serious issues. There are so many women who face severe health problems during maternity, childbirth. They should speak about pay parity and rally for equal pay to their male counterparts. There are so many other topics where they should speak out for women’s rights and play their role.

While concluding, she said:

You can help change constitutions. But you know what? When you are not serious, you go out on the streets and scream in the out. When you are serious, you go, get into the systems and change the laws which could help people. Those who only make noise, rarely get anything done.

Veena Malik has previously expressed her opposition to the Aurat March. Last year she tweeted that the March “brought humiliation to women of Pakistan instead of empowering them.”

Watch out the clip below:

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