‘Mrs. & Mr. Shameem’ depicts societal stereotypes around love, beauty and gender


Growing up with the fantasy of meeting a fair-skinned prince who will arrive as a hero in sparkling suit and save the princess from all her problems has been imprinted in our larger society.

Mrs. & Mr. Shameem, directed by Kashif Nisar, addresses this romanticised concept of love by putting a homosexual lad in the lead instead of a conventional He-Man.

In Zee5’s latest original series from Pakistan ‘Mrs and Mr Shameem’, Nauman Ijaz and Saba Qamar are playing the lead role.

The trailer introduces you to the easygoing world of Umeena (played by Qamar), a feisty and self sufficient working woman who may be mildly tomboyish; and her obedient friend, the boldly unmanly Shameem (Ijaz), who indicates to be her best support when the situations break her, putting the manliest of men to shame.

‘Mrs and Mr Shameem’ challenges traditional ideas, especially those linked to gender. However, its protagonists pay a price for not fitting into the boxes society places them in — Umeena, because she’s just gotten out of an abusive marriage with the man she had a crush on, but she’s done with femininity imaginations about love and romance and is ready to take the most unexpected path to happiness; and Shameem, for the insults that seem to follow him to the end of the world.

You’ll be cheering for the main characters after seeing the trailer. It also makes you wonder if they will find pardon in the future, and if forgiveness is even worthy.

According to scriptwriter Saji Gul, the show’s main aspect is that true love surpasses all worldly norms and requirements, and that it is a reward in and of itself. Although Umeena and Shameem are social misfits, their shared kindness of heart and empathy form the foundation of their budding friendship. There’s little chance of it getting disillusioned because it’s not based on attraction or great fantasies about each other.

Watch the trailer below:

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