My inspiration is Hiba Bukhari, she took over the industry with her talent: Zoya Nasir


Zoya Nasir is making waves on social media with her acting skills. Currently, we are seeing her as Sameen in Ary Digital’s ‘Mere Humsafar’ and Narmeen in HUM Tv’s ‘Dobara’.
Zoya recently appeared in an interview with Fuschia Magazine, where she talked about nepotism, her career and divorce.

While talking about the nepotism issues actor face, she said:

My inspiration is Hiba Bukhari. She didn’t come from a lobby and yet took over the industry with her talent. I want to be able to defeat the lobby too.

While adding about her wish, she spoke:

I wish to go beyond the tag of nepotism and prove my acting, because honestly, if you know someone in the industry and ask them for a lead role, you get it easily. There are less (female) actors than male ones.

While talking about the teen aged marriage, Zoya shared:

While I don’t want to get into details, it’s important to share that I was 19 when I got married. He was 8 years older than me. I was so young, even for my age, that I didn’t know how to take a stand for myself or how to greet people as a bahu.

Moreover, she added:

I wasn’t a partner in my marriage, I was a kid, given responsibilities. My world was so small at the time that I’d succumbed to anything they’d ask of me. I never reflected on who I was as a person, I just became how people wanted me to. I’d accept mistakes even when I wasn’t at fault. When I got divorced, my family realised that it wasn’t the right move for anyone that young. I needed to broaden my horizon.

She added up while giving an advice to elders:

Do not marry teen girls. Let them see the real world and know themselves. Otherwise, they’ll spend their lives being inferior to people all the time.

Giving a piece of advice to newcomers in the industry, Zoya said:

I wouldn’t recommend a lead role to anyone as a newcomer in this world. Even if you have contacts, don’t take it. Work as a side character with notable actors, that way the pressure eases and you learn enough to stand out when you get a lead role.

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