Alkaram Launches Its Spring-Summer Lawn Collection #YourWorldYourRunway Campaign


When it comes to exquisite lawn collections, Alkaram is a name that never fails to make it to the top of the list.
Recently, they launched their Spring-Summer Collection by holding a special runway show on the water. Yes, you read that right, on a body of water! Models and influencers looked stunning in their vibrant and unique outfits as they sashayed down the runway. The fashion label has always been known for its traditional and simple designs, but changed its image with its latest campaign with more pulchritudinous patterns, and took it up a notch by holding an entire runway show on a water bridge!

The mix of influencers and models was a great touch. We don’t see a lot of influencers walk the runway, and influencers are real women viewers can relate to. Some of the influencers that were present included: Alyla Adnan, Trinette, Zarminay Haq, Fatima Hasan, Maimoona Saud, Alizeh Pasha, Sarah Zulfiqar, Anjiyah Mithani, and Mushk Kaleem. Each influencer and model brought added their own personality to the dress they dawned.

The dresses fit all of them perfectly, flawlessly complimenting different body types.

Trinette commented, “Spring-Summer in Pakistan is often considered the busiest fashion season, but it was a wonderful surprise to see Alkaram come up with a fashion show that offers numerous statement pieces. The creative mixing and matching of different outfit pieces creates a decidedly “new look” for Lawn this season!”

Zarminay Haq commented, “The soul and signature of Alkaram have always been its unique prints and high-quality fabric – but this year they took the entire lawn game to a whole new level! #YourWorldYourRunway is a perfect description of how women should take each stride in our daily life as a runway show, putting our best foot forward with utmost confidence – all the while dressed in Alkaram Spring-Summer outfits!”

It’s rare to find fashion and clothing brands experimenting with Lawn. Alkaram decided to go for something distinctive and unique, to provide women with something that is a reflection of their persona. Every woman is different and Alkaram took that into account, making it a part of their campaign.

This is the first time any clothing brand has done a runway show on the water. Walking over a narrow ramp isn’t an easy feat, but it was flawlessly executed. The Alkaram models and influencers truly dazzled in abstract and floral designs, which brought the magic of summer to life.

One of the outfits that stood out was the bold pink floral-patterned gown with a gorgeous flower collar adorned by Mushk Kaleem. She walked the ramp looking confident and alluring in the piece. When she got down into the water, it looked even more glamorous, as its flowing material floated along with the rhythm of the slow waves. Another outfit that stood out was the emerald green dress with a flawless skirt and vine-like sleeves. The styling of the outfits showcased the diversity of the collection, which features an array of designs in an eclectic mix of conventional and contemporary prints, embroideries, heritage elements, and vibrant hues.

The runway choreography was done by none other than the magnificent Frieha Altaf. The marvelous outfits were designed and styled by Tabesh Khoja, popularly known as Khoji, who clearly has an eye to bring out the best from every unstitched 2 and 3 piece lawn suit.

We eagerly want to get our own hands on these Alkaram Studio prints and similarly experiment with creating a unique and memorable outfit!


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