Public bashed Tabish Hashmi for copying Kapil Sharma’s show


People have a lot to say as comedian Tabish Hashmi shifts from a digital talk show to his tv debut. To begin with, they feel his current comedy programme, “Hansna Mana Hai,” is a rip-off.

The comedy show, which telecasted on Geo Television, maintains a pattern that is all too familiar. It’s all in a casual conversational style with humorous jibes thrown in the mix.

The bright set of Tabish’s show looks similar to Kapil Sharma’s show. Naseem Viki and other Pakistani comedians, on the other hand, believe that Kapil Sharma plagiarises the one-liners of famous Pakistani comedians.

Look at the pictures of the format:

The public is now furious with Tabish Hashmi for copying the format. They simply can’t stop roasting him.

Here’s what they have to say:

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