Singer Amanat Ali advices Aima Baig to stay humble & down to earth


Amanat Ali is a popular Pakistani musician who gained fame after doing well on a popular Indian tv program.

He conducts many international concerts and has created a name for himself in live singing due to his melodic vocals.

The singer recently appeared on Taron Say Karen Batain, in which he addressed the truth of young musicians.

Talking about the young singer, he said:

All young lot has tantrum issues, especially those who came after 2009. There was a time legendary singers used to be down to earth and shared a good bonding with others.

However, he added:

These days, young singers are too arrogant and they show arrogance to exhibit their stardom.

Moreover, he said:

Aima Baig has a lot of tantrums, I have heard about her and I would suggest her if you want to stay long in the industry you should be humble and down to earth.

Watch the interview below:

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