Ahad & Feroze shouldn’t do films because they are good at doing TV drama: Kanwar Arsalan


Kanwar Arsalan recently appeared in a talk show with his wife Fatima Effendi where they talked on different topics.

Kanwar Arsalan expressed his opinion on two of the Pakistani entertainment industry actors Ahad Raza Mir and Feroze Khan.

He lauded their acting skills, but believed they are better on television than in movies.

While asking about the actors who should not do films, Kanwar Arsalan replied:

I think, Feroze Khan, he is extremely good in dramas, he is not film material, he should only do dramas.

Moreover, he said:

Ahad Raza Mir should also stick to dramas, he’s not a hero material but a good actor. For hero one must have tall height, muscular build and walking like a man.

Watch the interview below:

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