Pakistani Rapper Eva B recorded track for ‘Ms Marvel’ 1st episode


Pakistan’s first-ever female rapper. Eva B made her debut song in Ms Marvel’s first episode titled as ‘Rozi’.

‘Rozi’ is an anthem for women’s empowerment and it’s done in Urdu.

Eva B took it on her social media to announce this big news:

Eva B is not only Pakistan’s first female rapper, but also the first veil-wearing female rapper from Pakistan’s Baloch minority, and she chose her name Eve, which means first lady, and B, which means Baloch.

Her reason for wearing a veil to hide her identity received her the title “Secret Superstar of Karachi” from a BBC reporter.

Ms. Marvel’ is the first Muslim superhero introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the story of Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, who is an obsessed Pakistani-American fan of Captain Marvel, growing up in Jersey City.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy along with Meera Menon, Adil Al Arbi, and Bilal Fallah has co-directed the project.


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