Behroz Sabzwari shared the secret recipe of happily married life with Safina


In a recent interview, the renowned actor Behroze Sabzwari was seen flaunting about his 36 years of blissful marriage to Safina Behroze. He gave some tips on how to have a successful marriage and shared some details about his wife.

Behroz said that his wife Safina serves as the family’s moral compass and keeps everyone connected to one another. Be it his family or her brothers and sisters-in-laws. Without her, he claimed, no one in the family would be sane.

He stated:

My children and grandchildren are all hugely important to me, but there is no relationship that compares to the one Safina and I have.

He also urged couples not to get married based on their wealth or money while stressing about how commonly marriages today fail because it never works out.

He said:

If you marry someone in television industry, have a huge heart, forget about your partner’s history, and focus about your partner’s future. Only then will your relationship succeed.

Behroze Subzwari gave three advises that are no longer present in marriages today and contribute to their destruction.

The first tip he shared is:

Extravagant consumption on weddings is one big disadvantage. People should make the necessary expenses.

He added by telling the second advise:

A couple must have a consistent relationship. Nobody in the world can cause them to disagree if they do have a strong understanding of one another.

Lastly, he said:

One ought to have a heart of gold. Be able to forget and forgive. Simply forgive your spouse if they make a mistake. Most essential are honesty and tolerance. With your partner, be sincere.

Watch out his interview:

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