Hamza Ali Abbasi’s response to the allegations of using religion for popularity


Artist Hamza Ali Abbasi has spent significantly more time in the spotlight for his private life than for his career. He is an excellent actor and is mindful of quality scripts to choose.

However, he’s always making headlines with his opinions about religious matters.

When Hamza Ali Abbasi announced that he would be stepping away from acting, it was big news. While many of his fans were unhappy by the decisions, others believed it was a publicity gimmick and that he would not take it seriously.

Alif was Hamza’s last project and these days he’s busy with the promotion of his movie ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’. But he added that he would take on acting roles if the script did not go beyond the boundaries he had established for himself. On social media, though, whenever he makes a statement about any topic, he is frequently accused of exploiting religion for personal gain.

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently appeared in an interview where he responded about the accusations of using religion for his fame.

He said:

A person should be used to negative comments and criticism if you choose to engage with people on social media. As long as you know you are right, you don’t need to feel hurt.

Moreover, he added:

There is also positive critique and that helps him rectify his opinions many times.

Watch the interview below:


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