It’s just a risk, be it arrange or love: Sajal’s opinion about marriage


In a recent interview at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, actor Sajal Aly revealed her preferences and perspectives on marriage.

When asked about her marriage beliefs, Sajal responded:

“It is too early for me to say anything about love or arrange. But I just feel like, I just believe in love marriages, I just believe in love. And anyway wedding/shadi is just a risk be it arrange or love. That’s all I can say.”

Before this, Sajal wed actor Ahad Raza Mir in 2020 during a small beach wedding in the United Arab Emirates; however, the duo split in 2022.

Sajal Aly’s film What’s Love Got To Do With It is all set to release in the UK on January 27, 2023.

For more details, stay tuned with us.


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