Men should control their eyes & women should dress up appropriately: Behroz Sabzwari


Pakistani actor Behroze Sabzwari shines in both television and film. The veteran actor has a large following of devoted fans.

Recently, the actor appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast where he discussed the impact of the problems that are becoming more prevalent in our society. He also discussed the issue of men staring at ladies in various types of clothes.

While talking about women wearing tight clothes, he said:

In Pakistan, a lot of people have motorbikes, obviously, everyone can’t afford cars, there is inflation, and people are barely surviving, but I have noticed one thing: the dressing of women is not appropriate while sitting on bikes.

Moreover, he added:

Some women wear weird clothes which cannot be called appropriate, they are not good at all, the clothes are not only see through but usually are very tight, it shows home training, women should be fully covered while sitting on the motorbike. This should be strictly kept in mind.

While concluding, he emphasized:

Men should also control their eyes and women should be dressed up in an appropriate manner.

Watch the podcast:

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