Mohib Mirza confessed his love for Sanam Saeed


Mohib Mirza, a well-known Pakistani actor, has at last admitted his love for his “phantom” wife Sanam Saeed.

Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed frequently made references to their relationship, leading to speculation that they are secretly married.

For many years, the two well-known Pakistani actors have worked together on cinema and television projects including Firaaq, Deedan, Bachana and Ishrat Made in China.

The actors have been seen together at various occasions, and most recently, Saeed uploaded an Instagram year-end reel with Mirza in it.

Mohib Mirza recently appeared in a podcast where he shed light on his love for Sanam Saeed.

Talking about Sanam Saeed and falling in love for the second time, he said:

Sanam means “beloved” and Mohib means “the lover” and I don’t want to say anything more than that.

Moreover, he added:

I agree that it’s not an easy situation to fall in love for the second time, it’s difficult and everyone has their own experience.

While concluding, he said:

The correction is for the one who wants to correct his relations, no one is born sane, but we learn from our experiences.

Watch the podcast below:

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