Love is about honesty, respect, loyalty, companionship & mutual admiration with each other: Bilal Abbas Khan


Bilal Abbas Khan is a handsome heartthrob in Pakistani entertainment industry with a plethora of fans, a flourishing career as an actor, and elegance; however, the actor hasn’t met his true love.

The O Rangreza actor, recognised for his sharp features and acting abilities, is a gentleman off-screen as he sets out to locate a compatible match who may connect with him on many levels. In a recent interview, the Pyar Key Sadqay actor shared his opinions on the subjects of marriage, love, and finding a mate.

While talking about falling in love, Bilal Abbas Khan said:

So far I am not seeing any one but I do believe in love, I do believe in marriage but I think if something has to happen it eventually happens, I don’t know why I am fumbling, I am getting confused while talking about love but it will happen when it is meant to be. Also, I will deal with such a situation despite my confusion.

Talking about the concept of soulmate, Bilal uttered:

I do believe in soul mate, for me, love is about honesty, respect, loyalty, companionship and mutual admiration with each other, if you claim that you love someone then these essentials are important, if there is nothing like that then you are just talking with each other and not in love, currently, I am not seeing anyone.

Watch the interview:

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