Aurat March 2023: These slogans caught our eyes & you’ll love them too


The Aurat March is an annual event held on International Women’s Day in Pakistan, aimed at promoting gender equality and raising awareness about women’s issues. This year, the Aurat March 2023 took place on March 8th in major cities across the country.

In Aurat March, women discussed their reasons for marching, from speaking out against oppressive gender norms to harassment and honor killing, as well as the various difficulties they face. They were motivated to do so by a desire to stand up over marginalization, sexism, bigotry, and gender inequity.

This year’s Aurat March was also held. These catchphrases drew our interest and attention. There were a ton to pick from, but we can’t do them all justice, so here are a handful for you to appreciate.

Let’s have a look:

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