Yashma Gill negates “gold digger stereotypes”, motivates women to be independent


Yashma Gill recently appeared in an interview with Nadir Ali where she discussed the common misconception that women are labeled as gold diggers and emphasized the significance of financial autonomy for women.

In a small clip of the interview, Nadir Ali stated:

“A man’s ugliness is considered to be an empty pocket. If he’s broke, no matter how great he may look, he comes across as bad. He must earn.”

While making a correction, Yashma responded:

“I don’t want to take names, but if you look around us for examples of people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, there are many examples where women are more successful than their husbands. But they are married, and they’re love marriages.”

Moreover, she added:

“I don’t think this statement is right where we label women as gold diggers, I don’t think so.

Host said:

“It’s a famous saying that the man earns and gives to the woman but if the woman earns, she says she doesn’t need a man. It’s a famous saying that women have this kind of mentality.”

Gill explained:

“I think this is being confused with when a woman is independent, she is no longer helpless. She can take a stand for herself. She can say at home that she is not a burden on her family, and she won’t just marry anyone. Or, if she’s in an abusive relationship, she can take a stand for herself there. She knows she can take care of herself.”

Moreover, she added:

“I think the independence of girls and women is their strength and power. It’s not that they don’t need men. Everyone needs companionship.”

Watch the interview below:

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