Mahnoor Baloch sheds light on challenges faced by women in media industry


Mahnoor Baloch has worked in the media industry as a well-known television and film actress from Pakistan for many years. She gave outstanding performances in popular serials including Marvi, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Chandni Raatain, and Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Main.

However, Starlet has recently taken a break from her acting career, which has many of her fans wondering why she made that choice.

Mahnoor Baloch recently appeared in an interview where she explained the reason of her absence from the industry.

She stated:

The Pakistani media industry is still evolving, and unfortunately, a specific type of role has been designed and fixed for women. There is an age limitation for these roles as well, which restricts the growth of female actors in the industry.

While highlighting the challenges faced by women in the Pakistani media industry, she added:

The industry’s patriarchal mindset has limited women’s roles, and age discrimination further restricts their growth. Moreover, female actors are often paid less than their male counterparts, despite delivering exceptional performances.

Watch the interview:

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