8 Pakistani Songs to get you grooving on weddings!


When it comes to weddings, obviously it’s incomplete without dance in Mehendi function. And, for perfect dance, you need perfect songs. Why play Bollywood songs when you can groove on with Pakistani ones.

Here we have compiled a list of fun, peppy wedding songs for you to groove to this wedding season, so have a look and choose the best ones:

Billo Hai (Parchi)

Punjabi songs have always been a popular choice for wedding dances and Parchi’s “Billo Hai” is the perfect version by UK band Sahara to have a dance on.

Ballay Ballay (Bin Roye)

From the traditional beats to the amusing choreography, this song can make anyone stand up and dance.

Munday Lahore De (Load Wedding)

Load Wedding’s ‘Munday Lahore De’ filled with tappay style lyrics is perfect for this is a treasure trove Mehndi or Dholki list.

Shakar Wandan (Ho Mann Jahan)

This song is probably still being played and danced to at most weddings as it has one of the most iconic steps approximately everybody learned.

Ik Pal (Parey Hut Love)

You can do luddies, bhangra, and giddas, for the whole night on this song.

Haye Dil (Parey Hut Love)

A more up-to-the-minute song, the step design of this song has already been copied by many people and replicated at weddings. So, what are you waiting for?

Aaya Lariye (Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2) (Coke Studio)

Fahad and Mawra’s dance from JPNA2 is simply a crowd puller!

Desi Thumka (Nouman Khalid)

What is a better way to show off your thumkas if this song isn’t played??

For more details, stay tuned with us!


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