Ali Zafar’s second witness claims Meesha Shafi is a liar


Model Kinza Muneer, the second witness of Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi defamation case appeared in session court Lahore to reveal the truth.

She was present in the jamming session and stated that Meesha’s claims were fake and opposite to the facts.

As per the news, Justice Amjad Ali Shah led over the hearing of Ali Zafar’s defamation case.  Throughout the hearing, Meesha’s lawyers squabbled that the statements of the witnesses should not be recorded as their client’s case is in the Supreme Court.

However, the court turned down Meesha Shafis lawyer’s appeal and recorded the statement of the eyewitness Kinza Muneer.

As per Kinza’s statement, she was there during the jam session where each one was gathered for the concert preparation.

She said:

‘I was present in the jam session where Meesha Shafi alleged Ali Zafar of harassing her. While entering the premises Meesha greeted Ali Zafar with a hug and also said ‘bye’ to him when she left the studio.”

Kinza Muneer also told that a video was recorded of the entire jam session where Ali and Meesha stood 4 to 5 feet away from each other. She highlighted that Meesha’s allegations against Ali Zafar are fake.


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