Ansari admits Qandeel humiliation was pre-planned in Pakistan Idol


Bushra Ansari is a name which we have been hearing since our childhood in the Pakistani media industry. We all know who she is. If someone doesn’t know her, let me introduce her to you. Bushra is a famous and well known Pakistani actress. She’s a multi-talented person. Other than acting, she knows how to entertain the audience by hosting different shows. But wait, it seems that we are missing something! Oh yes! She’s a singer and playwright too! She has sung many songs plus she has written many drama serials as well. She has also been a judge of program “Pakistan Idol”.

On Friday 21st February, Bushra was invited at the program “Har Lamha Purjosh” which is hosted by none other than Waseem Badami. While having a question-answer session, Waseem Badami moved on to something which was sensitive for us! Before asking the question he took a sort of oath from Bushra that whatever will be asked from her, she’ll speak the truth! He started with asking that:

Was it a good decision for you when you were offered to analyze the vocal skills of contestants as a judge for a singing program?

On this, she replied:

Our young generation hasn’t listened to the songs of legends like Runa Laila, Mehnaz, Madam Noor Jahan and Ghulam Ali Etc, so management of program told her that she’s a package of Shair o Shayari and Sur etc. Everyone doesn’t have this sort of combination. Consequently, she thinks that it was a good decision and she’ll accept future offers as well.

Now this question is important and we need to pay attention to it!!

He told her that one day we saw Qandeel Baloch in that singing program for auditions where she showed her talent and judges weren’t happy with it. He asked,

Was it scripted and planned to make fun of Qandeel Baloch?

Bushra confidently replied,

It’s a format of the program and it’s evolved from other programs like Indian Idol and American Idol etc and we need to follow it.

Furthermore, she said:

I was told that I’m very nice but I need to be blunt. We don’t have a habit of teasing others by saying you don’t know anything. She actually accepted that Qandeel’s part was scripted and it was just for fun.

Well, it really seems that there’s no obvious or direct relation in her statements. At one point, she says that they don’t have a habit of teasing others and on the other hand she said it was just for fun.

Here’s how they took audition of Qandeel Baloch:

Here’s the video in which Bushra revealed the truth!

How can you mock someone just for your own entertainment? If you’re a judge, does it mean that you have an authority to humiliate others on a platform where more than thousands of people are watching? How can you plan to degrade others? And if you don’t have a habit of doing this, why did you follow the format of Indian Idol and American Idol?

Is it necessary to follow something which is against your ethics just in order to get fame? Or just to show your power as a judge? Do you people think its okay to insult someone? I think it’s high time that people should realize this fact that they have no right to disgrace others just for their own entertainment! We should stop doing this now. Celebrities are influencing the audience in many ways. If they are spreading negativity like this, they’ll get it too in return.

What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comments below!


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