‘Artists nowadays are forced to work like donkeys’ Nauman Ijaz


In a recent interview with filmmaker Rafay Rashdi, Nauman Ijaz discussed the hurdles faced by actors and producers of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Responding on the issues of pending payments, Nauman said:

No actor or producer in the industry does not have pending payments.

Telling about his pending payments, he continued:

My [own] payments are also pending. One channel owes me almost five crores, while another owes me around two and a half crores. They all are big channels and they are not paying.

Moreover, Nauman spoke:

Artists these days, I apologise for my words, are all donkeys. We work like donkeys. If they are not going to get paid on time, then how will they deliver?

While talking about COVID-19 times, the actor stated:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the broadcasters blackmailed the producers to provide content, so the producers went to artists and warned them that if they won’t work, they will be blacklisted.

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