Asad Jameel to be seen in an upcoming patriotic film Chaa Jaa Re


Film Star Asad Jameel is a young, talented Pakistani actor/model, a social media celebrity, and a rising superstar in Pakistan film industry. He was born on October 12, 1999, and raised in the city of Karachi. He started his career in 2014 by working in few Telefilm projects like Beqarar, JanayKubTak, Gandasa, and few others.

He has been able to gather a great fan base in the fairly short time he has spent in acting. He has a huge fan base on various social media platforms, which are increasing day by day.

Playing protagonist in upcoming film Chaa Jaa Re:

He’ll be seen as the leading character “Chaa Jaa Re” which is an upcoming Pakistani feature film produced under the banner of Apple Pie Films Production. It will be releasing soon internationally. Chaa Jaa Re promotes Patriotism, Kindness, Modesty, Unity, Education, and humility. Through this role, he hopes to ignite the fire of patriotism burning in people’s hearts. As a film star, Asad Jameel is very passionate and proud to represent his country in such of manner.

His career before Chaa Jaa Re:

Before CHAA JAA RE, Asad Jameel’s biggest performance was performing at the opening of National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in Pakistan in the theatre play “Manto”, which was inaugurated by ex-Pakistani president General Pervez Musharraf himself. The event was attended by many renowned faces of Pakistan. Syed Talat Hussain, a renowned Pakistani televangelist, was also among them.

His struggles to become an actor:

When he first joined this field, he suffered a lot of setbacks, and discouragement from haters. Initially disheartened, Asad Jameel decided to prove them wrong by working harder than ever, which is how he ended up settling into his profession, and becoming a successful actor, and landing a lead role in an international Pakistani feature film.

His current education:

Film Star Asad Jameel is currently doing Bachelor’s in Media Sciences from the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, University in Karachi.

Tom Cruise is his inspiration to become an actor:

Film Star AsadJameel takes his inspiration from the famous Hollywood actor “Tom Cruise”, who has always been his favourite actor. Following Tom Cruise adventures in Mission Impossible since a young age helpedAsadJameel to pursue his passion for acting. The spontaneity of Cruise and his ability to adapt to different characters is whatAsadJameel also hopes to portray in his roles.

He hopes to follow his all appropriate footsteps to become one of the leading actors in the Pakistan film industry.

An admirer of Javed Sheikh:

Asad Jameel is also an avid follower, and admirer of the renowned Pakistani actor, director, and producer Javed Sheikh. He has been under his guidance ever since his first performance with him. He has guided him almost constantly since he started out acting.

Javed Sheikh didn’t teach Asad Jameel just acting, but humanity as well. Despite being Legend, and so well-known nationally, and internationally, Javed Sheikh is incredibly humble in nature and an extremely positive person.

Future role as a mentally handicapped person:

Film Star Asad Jameel hopes to play a mentally challenging person in the future. A mentally handicapped person is one of the toughest roles in TV, but he believes that he has what it takes to play such a character to perfection. Other than that, he also hopes to take part in more action roles, particularly due to his love for Tom Cruise.

A piece of advice for upcoming youngsters:

Asad Jameel’s advice to young actors would be to focus mainly on their education before dedicating their lives to acting, and do what gives them pure positive pleasure, and self-satisfaction, in any field, even.


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