Asim Azhar & Shae Gill’s ‘Bulleya’ unlocks the serenity of soul


Asim Azhar and Shae Gill’s highly anticipated collaboration has finally been released, and fans are showering it with love. The song, titled “Bulleya,” is a beautiful composition that revolves around themes of love, harmony, and peace. Its soft melody creates a soothing yet groovy atmosphere that captivates listeners.

According to Azhar, “Bulleya” is a travel song that serves as a companion on the road of life. It has the power to uplift spirits, whether you want to jam to it, relax and fall asleep, or simply groove along.

Interestingly, just a day before the release, Azhar’s world lacked the very love and peace that the song embodies. However, it was the heartfelt lyrics of “Bulleya” that inspired him to believe in the beauty of life once again.

The music video for “Bulleya,” directed by Bilawal Hussain Abbassi, exudes a laid-back and enjoyable vibe that encourages viewers to unwind and embrace a more carefree outlook. It showcases Asim Azhar in a car, observing the little moments of love in the city before entering the recording studio. The visuals then transition to a desert landscape, where Asim and Shae enjoy the song’s melodies on bikes, in bed, on the radio, and practically everywhere.

Here’s how fans are reacting to the Asim Azhar and Shae Gill’s collaboration:







Listen to the song below:

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