Audience criticizes Noor and Syed Jibran’s drama ‘Main Aisi Kiun Hoon’ for hair shaming


On the one hand, Pakistani dramas are recognized for their quality all around world, while on the other, Shiza and Fiza content exist on television channels.

Social media, on the other side, is a great platform where viewers are free to express their discontent with the content whenever they choose. Main Aisi Kiun Hoon, starring Noor Zafar Khan and Syed Jibran, is the most recent serial to face controversy.

Express Tv’s drama serial ‘Main Aisi Kiun Hoon’s first episode on aired and people can’t stop criticizing it for showing the content.

In the show, Syed Jibran’s character demeans and disrespects Noor’s character due to her curly hair. Jibran also criticizes Noor for their daughter being born with the same curly hair.

Express Tv shared a mini clip from the episode:

The public is outraged with the content since colour shaming and body shaming have become prevalent in the industry, and now hair shaming is the latest trend.

Here’s what audience has to say:

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.


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