Aymen, Shahzad & Hira to star in ‘Ibn-e-Hawa’ which highlights misogynistic issues


Chupke Chupke famed Aymen Saleem marks her comeback to television with this drama serial ‘Ibn-e-Hawa’. It’s HUM Tv’s upcoming project which is produced by Momina Duraid, written by Saji Gul and directed by Ahmed Kamran.

The drama serial stars Aymen Saleem, Shahzad Sheikh and Hira Mani in the lead role. Writer Saji Gul revealed some details about the storyline and the main concept of drama which highlights misogynistic issues.

He said:

It will be about how the mind of a man is moulded within a patriarchal system, how he is taught that a woman is inherently evil, how the man starts seeing all relationships in a negative light and as a burden, how he sees a woman as a deceiver.

Moreover, he spoke:

Normally the terms Ibn-e-Adam (son of Adam) or Bint-e-Hawwa (daughter of Eve) are used. However, (we tend to forget) the son of Adam is also the son of Eve, he doesn’t just descend from Adam alone.

The drama serial is expected to go on air at the beginning of 2022. Are you excited to watch this drama serial? Let us know in the comments below.


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