BATA rebrands itself and Introduces Maya Ali as its new brand ambassador


Shared lunch boxes, immaculate uniforms, and Bata shoes are the Lego blocks that made up our childhood. The brand that helped us make a statement as kids has rebranded itself to make a place in our shoe collection today as well.

Remember how the back-to-school period was all about assembling our school essentials in haste? While our stationary and books came from different places, the Bata store was a sight to see with students from all corners of the city trying on their polished boots like young Cinderella.

Now not only have we grown up, but the shoe giant has also blossomed into a much bigger version of itself. One factor remains the same though; Bata continues to empower. Then it was children, today it is women.

The new Bata TVC is a perfect picture of how the modern woman rolls. She’s not just one thing; she plays several roles and is several traits. She’s all things lovely and no matter how high she reaches she still feeds on the love and happiness that others feel.

The advertisement features doe-eyed beauty, Maya Ali, in all her glamour as the brand ambassador of Bata. The Man Mayal star portrays her celebrity image yet speaks for women all over. The focal point of the TVC being her stunning heeled sandals that form a part of the brand’s Fall-Winter Collection 2017/18.

Despite Maya looking breathtakingly gorgeous, all eyes are on the latest collection. From sparkly high heels to stark black cone heels, this collection offers a steezy variety that can warm the shoe-starved hearts of fashionistas this chilly season.

Heading to a glitzy party or strolling around the city? Bata has something for everywhere you wander to. With Bata, you have years of trust binding you to it along with a blend of finesse, style, and sass.

Bata has not only maintained its position as the first choice of students but has also turned up the notch on its style game with modish heart-winning sandals. Offering diversity that meets the needs of different women, the shoe brand once again stands triumphant in helping ladies step out in style.


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