Bisconni Music Season 2 takes everyone by storm


It goes without saying that when it comes to independent music shows, Bisconni Music’s name shines bright. The label was introduced as a platform for music aficionados who are always on the lookout for songs and melodies that are upbeat and can easily lift the spirits of the listeners. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every track that Bisconni Music has released has become a chartbuster and has been loved by one and all.

The show features a diverse array of artists and musicians from all across the country. It looks like ‘out of the box’ is Bisconni Music’s modus operandi because the singers show up and put-up performances that they have never done before, which makes for a memorable experience for fans of the show.

Bisconni Music also takes pride in being a platform that gathers young and established singers under one roof. The show is a new wave in music that produces an eclectic and vibrant mix of compositions and melodies from all genres. So, no two songs will be the same. There are songs about love and melancholia. If there’s Sufi, the next track will be a hip hop track with EDM beats. This means there’s something for everyone here.

Artists that have performed for Bisconni Music include names like Haroon Shahid, Shuja Haider, Saad Hayat, and Natasha Humera and bands such as Sajid & Zeeshan and Mirage, among others in the past.

The latest season of Bisconni Music has been released, and all we can say is get ready to be enthralled and mesmerized. The second season is bigger, better, and more melodious than before, which is a major accomplishment on its own. The production design for Bisconni Music’s second season is better than before with a stage, hi-tech piano, and other state-of-the-art music instruments.

If that has got you excited, wait till we tell you the lineup for S2. This year, Bisconni Music has presented exciting names like Aima Baig, Asrar Shah, Raafay Israr, Kashmir the band, Amanat Ali, Maria Unera, and Asim Azhar.

Bisconni Music’s USP lies in its treatment and ideation of songs. The creative minds behind the program keep doing something new and keeping things fresh as their primary priority. This is what sets the label apart from other platforms such as Coke Studio and Velo Sound Station. BM’s songs remain fresh and sweet-sounding every time you hear them. The compositions are foot-tapping and heart-thumpingly good, as well as the lyrics that tell a new different story. These are the elements that compel us to make BM’s songs a part of our playlist. Their tracks become fan favorites in no time. Before we know it, everyone is humming to the melodies and raving about them.

Every season of BM is produced by a different musician to avoid monotony. This allows a different creative individual to bring his own to the table and create magic in his or her own way. The last season was produced by Saad Hayat. The reins of the second season are in the hands of Raafay Israr, who has also sung a song titled ‘Ranjha.’

The first song of Bisconni Music S2 was “Tu mera na Hua” and featured vocals by current singing sensation Aima Baig. As soon as the song was released, she and the song were trending on Twitter, with praises being heaped on the track.

The second song was “Malang,” a mix of Sufi /eastern fusion, sung by musical genius Asrar Shah. His velvety vocals, and distinct earthiness, made the song one of the most loved tracks of this season. Shah’s look from the video became equally popular. He sported a bright red jacket and sported black shades and his trademark man bun.

“Ranjha,” the third song of the season, was performed by Rafay Israr. The song topped the charts and playlists of his fans. The song had a hip-hop element to it with a Punjabi chorus and became the song everyone was dancing to in no time.

The fourth song of the season was “Yaaden,” a beautiful composition that had the most unlikely pairing that has ever been seen before in Pakistan; Kashmir, an alternative rock band, and Mai Dhai, the renowned Sindhi folk singer. You put together two people like that, and it can either lead to brilliance or destruction. And here, it resulted in both in the best way possible. The never seen before fusion track was a unique musical experience for fans and music lovers. It was also interesting to see members of Kashmir in their black and neon outfits while Mai Dhai sported her signature traditional attire.

The fifth song was “Dharkanen,” sung by the amazing duo of Amanat Ali and Maria Unera. The track’s interesting lyrics and its overall groovy vibe were loved by one and all. The video was visually stunning, too, with strobe lights shining bright, making us feel like we were at a live concert.

“Pul Ja” was the sixth song of the season. It was a hip-hop track with vocals by Asim Azhar. The upbeat composition and heart-touching lyrics in Urdu and Punjabi made it a winner all the way. Music critics and fans couldn’t stop raving about the song. Asim’s styling also earned him a lot of praise. His bright orange look was that of a true-blue rockstar.

The second season brought a lot of promise, and so far, it has delivered with every track. The season already boasts of powerful performances, original musical numbers, and music that’s never been attempted before.

The songs have already become so popular they have already inspired young artists to release their covers on YouTube. The show has achieved new heights of popularity and appreciation, and we can’t wait to see what more is in store for us. We wish them the best for all that is to come ahead.


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