Cheekh Episode 29 – Bilal Abbas Khan Immaculately Portrays Wajih in Cheekh


Produced by the duo of Fahad Mustafa and Dr.Mehmood under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment, Cheekh is a thrilling drama that is surrounded by love, revenge, and justice. Bilal Abbas starring as Wajihand Saba Qamar starring as Mannatare the main lead roles who have carried the drama with full swing and acting skills.

Let’s talk about the second last episode that was aired last Saturday and gave us all the chills! What a great development in the drama as it comes to a near end.

Mannat has seriously become the wild tigress she has been known for since the first episode. After bearing all kinds of loss, she is now unstoppable. Playing Wajih’s game to slowly make him lose his mind by recreating every one of his tactics has been outstanding to watch.

After getting a taste of his own medicine, when Mannat locks Wajih in the storeroom overnight, the look on Mannat’s face was the perfect depiction of satisfaction. But can we talk about how brilliantly Bilal Abbas Khan managed to show the look of dignity mixed with hurt ego and terror on Wajih’s face? Talk about excellence in expressions!

Another big jerk in Wajih’s life occurs when he is made to believe that his sister Haya is being kidnapped and raped. The worry and anger that we see in him give us mixed feelings too – we hate him, we feel glad for all the karma, but we feel slightly sorry for him as well.

Bilal Abbas Khan is the soul of this drama. His dialogue delivery, body language, and facial expressions are highly professional and the effortless way he plays his character shows the kind of mettle he has as an actor. Wajih’s role couldn’t have been played with such finesse by anyone other than Bilal Abbas Khan. It’s like the character was a tailor made for him.

With Yawer still on his wheelchair, Police officer Amir Khan refusing to help him any longer, and Haya getting married to Shariq, the story seems to be progressing smoothly to rattle up Wajih once and for all before the drama ends.

This is the third time we are witnessing Wajih’s character go through a personality change, and we can’t help but applaud Bilal Abbas Khan for the kind of talent he has displayed in the drama. One last episode of Cheekh is left and we can’t wait for Saturday to arrive, to see what is finally going to become of the cutest bad-guy there is, Wajih.


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