Choose your hair style with Sunsilk this Wedding Season


Ready for your happily ever after? Wedding is no doubt an extravagant affair in Pakistan. It’s the time of year when relatives fly in from all over the world to gather at the gold-dipped, henna-encrusted, week-long dance-fest that is almost mandatory for anybody seeking to tie the knot in the land of the pure.

With huge gathering coming under one roof to celebrate this happy and joyful occasion, you would want everything flawless about your appearance. From dresses to shoes to your make-up, immaculate look is what everyone seek to achieve in all ceremonies. To make your #WeddingDiaries memorable, one essential part of your look is your hairdo.  Weddings goes four to five days long because there are many function like mehndi, barat, valima etc. Therefore it can be classified which dresses for ladies should be suitable in all the functions with #HairOnYourSide.

Different functions of marriage ceremony coming back to back, keeping up your glam quotient becomes a little troublesome. Manage to look ravishing and turning up different in every event gets tricky. Changing your hair style, brings totally a different aura your presence alongwith attires that are mixed and matched to bring versatility.

Wedding trends are constantly updated these days and with change comes the new hair styles which young women so want to experiment with in union ceremonies but you need #ThickandLong hair whether to make braids of numerous styles or to keep them flowing over your shoulder whole day long.

Though hair fashions may change season to season, the association between women and long hair is an ancient one. #Sunsilk introducing hair trends for this wedding season, is a symbol for #ThickandLong hair and is a best choice when it comes to complex hairstyles for #WeddingDiaries.




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