Choti Si Ghalat Fehmi Drama Serial on HUM TV – Synopsis and Pictures


The plot of HUM TV’s new serial “Choti si Ghalat Fehmi” highlights how a small misunderstanding and lack of trust between spouses can lead to great disasters, which not only have devastating effects on them, but also on their children. The story’s central character Abrar is living a happy life with his wife Afroze and 10-year-old daughter until Afroze’s friend Sahila, comes into the picture. Sahila believes that all men are treacherous and Abrar is no exception. She places a bet with Afroze and tricks Abrar into believing that she has brain tumor to get his sympathy. Abrar, who has no idea of her bet, starts taking take of Sahila’s needs, which results in mistrust and insecurity for Afroze.

Will Afroze tell her husband about Sahila’s bet, or keep testing her husband’s dedication?



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