Day Fresh -The entire milk collection to packaging process from grass to glass


Seeing is believing! This was witnessed when we visited the Dairyland of  Day Fresh. I experienced the entire milk collection to packaging process from grass to glass.

The hygiene-full atmosphere of a Dairy Farm in our country amazed me.



The setup is highly updated and they have highly mechanized production process, providing a healthy and safe product, ensuring tight quality control for the supply from start to finish.


Dayfresh is nourishing you and your loved ones since 2009. It has built a name for itself by providing healthy, pure, fresh and delicious milk because it is fresh from their local dairy. It provides naturally pure Australian cow milk which is homogenized and pasteurized which bring the essence of hygienic nourishment. Protecting pure milk with the utmost care and warmth, making sure it remains untouched at all stages, from there sucking department the milk flows in concealed pipes and comes out a final product and ready for distribution. Day Fresh ensure that you get the best in every drop.


Dayfresh introduces 100% Pure Australian Cow Milk in Tetra Packing


Dayfresh always believe that our customer is our real brand ambassador !!

Dayfresh hopes to bring back a forgotten realness in the dairy world.


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