Dayfresh – Real Milk comes with a Glass of Difference



Dayfresh Dairyland (Pvt) Ltd was initiated in 2009 by Akhtar Group, setting up their dairy farm in Dhabeji district in Sindh. It is one of the dominant and superior dairy sector running across the country. Health and good nutrition is a major key point in everyone’s life and Dayfresh always aim to produce nourishing quality products. Dairyland farm has more than 3500 premium breed Australian cows on its farm. Dairyland is a progressive and fast-growing company, well known for its high quality and nourishing products. It continuously strives to add happiness to its consumers’ lives and take care of their health, by keeping itself updated with the ever changing lifestyles of its consumers. 100% real milk is collected from a single source farm of Dairyland.

Their animals are free from any hormonal injections or antibiotics. Their source for dairy products is premium breed Australian cows and best fodder is given to them. They have highly qualified technologist and foreign qualified agronomists for the quality assurance. Animals are kept in an extremely hospitable environment and are regularly checked and vaccinated by a team of qualified vets. Dayfresh milk is a single source product which is traceable through RFID tags & strict quality control.

Dairyland has developed a comprehensive Grass-to-glass value chain system. In this Glass of Difference campaign, they are trying to focus on the quality they are providing to their customers. Their main focus is on that how they differs from other brands and also from the loose milk available across the country. Normal milk suppliers don’t care about hygiene but Dayfresh’s main focus is to provide best hygienic dairy products.

Here comes to the most important part that how Dayfresh’s milk is different and better from its competitors. Their milking process is based on automated system, which is then UHT treated and homogenized. To make sure their packaging is safe from bacteria, they use Aseptic packs. That’s how they make sure that we get nutritional benefits of real milk with 100% purity. The milk collected at Dairyland’s farms via automatic milking parlors is directly channeled through supply pipes to the plant without any human touch. Thus, reducing milk haulage and handling. This advantage enables the company to ensure that the milk is unpolluted and of high quality. Every batch of milk used for production is subject to stringent quality control microbiological tests at Dairyland’s well-equipped labs. Their milk is free from water, preservatives and milk powder. Combination of state-of-the-art machines, and staff helps the company ensure it produces best quality products. Highly qualified and trained food technologists and quality assurance teams vigilantly monitor the quality of products at all stages of the production process.

They give 100% Grass-to-glass traceability by ensuring their entire milk collection to packaging process. The company’s own and controlled cold chain supply system ensures timely and quality delivery of fresh products. Its brand equity stands in top three milk brands in the respective category. Dayfresh is for sure best choice for customers, as it provides best quality products under highly maintained environment. Their Glass of difference campaign is for sure a comprehensive one, so do give it a try to pure and preservative free milk. Dayfresh is Pakistan’s first milk brand that offers fresh milk in Tetrapak without any added preservatives, the company alleges.With Dayfresh  –  Live Real and Drink Real!


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