Dil-e-Veeran is more than the average love triangle


Wishing to be emotionally moved and entertained at the same time by an intriguing new tale of love and betrayal? If yes, then the new drama serial Dil-e-Veeran is just your cup of tea. Starring Shahroz Sabzwari, Nawal Saeed, and Hasan Khan, Dil-e-Veeran is all set to stand out from the usual run-of-the-mill story of married life and shattered dreams. The drama serial just dropped two gripping teasers that give us a peek into what ARY Digital’s latest venture has to offer.

In the first teaser, we see a dreamy wedding with the two leads getting married in what seems to be the happiest moments of their lives. Throw in the bride’s family’s fair expectations of a loving home and the groom’s family’s promises of offering the same, if not more. We soon see the bride’s dreams shattering as where she’s taken after getting married is far from how she imagined her new home to be.

Another teaser also showcases the same grand wedding where everyone is celebrating cheerfully. An intimate moment between the couple on-stage is interrupted by Hasan Khan’s character calling out to the bride, leaving everyone to ponder over what happens next and how the story unfolds.

Directed by Zeeshan Zaidi and produced by Big Bang Entertainment, Dil-e-Veeran will explore all the layers of getting your dreams shattered when you’re betrayed by your loved one and the life they promised isn’t at all how you envisioned it. With its unique blend of negativity and positivity, the storyline of Dil-e-Veeran promises to leave its viewers looking forward to what’s next through its twists and turns. Starting from 7th June, Tuesday at 7:00 PM only on ARY Digital.


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