Dulux paints taking their promise to next level with The Assurance Program


Paint has an important role to play when we talk about the construction of a new house and transformation of old homes, offices, and buildings. Paint is not only responsible for adding up the beauty to the exterior and intensifying the outer attraction, it has another key part to play when it comes to the interior of a building, particularly in homes. A home should be a place that is filled with contentment and serenity; colors can help us in creating a nice, peaceful environment for our homes, as there is a broad range of warm color schemes and patterns.

Newly painted walls of home bring us a feeling of excitement, joy and pleasure; it gives us a pleasant feeling, color can also affect our mood positively. Once the paint starts to deteriorate due to environmental factors and usage of low-grade quality paints, it also takes our excitement with it. But, you will not have to face such a problem and this issue will not arise if you make the right choice and trust DULUX PAINTS.

Dulux is a brand that was introduced and launched by AkzoNobel in 1935, and since then, the brand has been serving their buyers high-quality products with dedication. The reason which makes Dulux the greatest is that it has assured certain level of quality, maintained the standards of desired outcome over the years; durable property of the products has helped the brand to satisfy it’s customers by prioritizing their interests, allowing them to establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

The brand offers broad range, extensive variety and plenty of colors to its buyers. Dulux has concentrated on providing supreme quality paints over the years that has excellent texture, great coverage, even appearance, easier application which lasts longer. Paints of this brand are not restricted to just one task, they are also responsible to provide protection against harsh environmental conditions, have a quality that it binds to the surface properly, can easily be applied with minimum number of coats, possess great endurance, provided with outstanding resisting capabilities.

The brand has its own unique way of treating and dealing with the buyers and recently took an initiative that mainly focuses on conveying a message that Dulux paints is reliable and worthy of their trust by saying “Dulux ka Waada, Pakka Waada!”

A new program has been launched called Dulux Assurance which is a commitment to the buyers that if they do not receive the finest quality, and find any issue with the color, texture, coverage, finishing property of Dulux paints, then they can easily replace it by registering a claim under this program and they’ll get the replacement within 7 working days. All you have to do is simply reach out to Dulux Paints on their Helpline Number, Website, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Facebook.com – duluxpakistan

Helpline – 0800-38589

Whatsapp – 0300-0138589

Website – dulux.com.pk


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