Fahad Mustafa tussles with a sports journalist


Fahad Mustafa, film and tv actor and Jeeto Pakistan host was present at the launching ceremony of Karachi Kings. Moreover, he also hosted the ceremony at the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. Mr. Salman Iqbal and Wasim Akram also addressed the audience while delivering the speech.

Shoaib Jutt, the sports journalist from Samaa news had a question-answer session with Fahad Mustafa. Shoaib started with saying that Salman Iqbal and Wasim Akram have shared their views and addressed them too. Further, he moved on by saying that Fawad said…

Now, who’s Fawad? Actually, Shoaib wanted to say Fahad but he spilled Fawad out of his mouth which made Fahad Mustafa a bit angry. And then Fahad said that who is this Fawad? Basically, he gave a hint to Shoaib so that he can spell his name correctly. And said, “Isiliye salary nahi milti tumlogon ko”.

Later on, Shoaib spoke to Fahad that thanks for scolding me! Further, he said that let me talk. We’ll talk personally afterward. On this, Fahad replied and told the technical team to turn off Shoaib’s Mike. In end, Fahad said that “Parayi shaadi main aakey barbaadi”.

Here’s the video and you can listen to their conversation by yourself!

Isi Liyay Apko Salary Nahi Milti – Fahad Mustafa mocked Samaa News Sports journalist on Salary issue at Launching ceremony of Karachi Kings ahead of PSL4. Have a look!#Karachi #TimesOfKarachi

Posted by The Times of Karachi on Saturday, February 9, 2019

Is Fahad being a racist? Or Shoaib took Fahad’s words too seriously? Did Fahad said right by pointing out the salary issue? Or Shoaib misbehaved with him?

Let’s see the views of people:

Some people supported Fahad Mustafa, while rest of them thought that the journalist, Shoaib Jutt did right. What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comments below!


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