Feroze Khan speaks about rumors regarding marriage, Hania Amir & rejoining showbiz


After withdrawing from social media, and quietly following many rumours regarding marriage separation, Feroze Khan finally spoke upon it.

In an interview with Something Haute, the Khaani actor shared his reasons behind returning to showbiz, which he had earlier this year distanced himself from.

Khan said:

“My Sheikh, he has ordered me that I can’t quit showbiz.”

He believes that this industry is a source of paigham from one place to another.

Moreover, he shared:

“I needed to be at this place. I have to do something out of this, I have to make something out of this. So I’m reading into a lot of scripts, looking into a lot of scripts — I may act, I may produce, but I’m here,” he informed fans and followers.”

Dino Ki Dulhaniya actor didn’t confirm anything about the separation with wife Syeda Alizey Fatima.

On speaking about the rumoured relationship with Ishqiya co-star Hania Amir, he said:

“I won’t comment on what happened with Asim because that’s not my place to say or speak, but what I read about Haniya and I was really disturbing. Obviously, we also have parents […] we too have emotions.”

The star said:

“The most upsetting bit was, it could take me 30 seconds to take a screenshot of the chat between Haniya and I on that day and put it up. But I’m watching such senior journalists, for Rs2 publicity, talking rubbish about ‘evidence’ of what happens on sets, etc. Hania messaged me saying ‘what is this, why am I being dragged into all of this.”

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