Foodpanda Introduces 100+ Ramadan Deals Across Pakistan


Foodpanda Introduces 100+ Ramadan Deals Across Pakistan

For the love of early Sehris and thirst quenching Iftaris, Ramadan brings added kitchen work to a household. Besides adding joy to the very notion of fasting, we’re greatly concerned about how to keep ourselves healthy and hydrated without putting too much effort into it. To encourage that, foodpanda has launched a dedicated Ramadan campaign with over hundred deals and discounts from major cities of Pakistan.

Now, foodpanda customers can enjoy from a wide range of discounts on old favorites as well as new restaurants till the end of month. Some of the notable mentions include KFC, 14th Street Pizza, Broadway Pizza, Nando’s, Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Karachi Hot N Spicy, Al-Nakheel, Italian Pizza etc. The two most anticipated meals of the day, given much thinking and planning, need not be stressful!

Over a few years’ trends, foodpanda customers have significantly enjoyed ordering items such as chicken chutney rolls, grilled chicken, pizzas, burgers, BBQ items and chicken samosas. This year, foodpanda has improved on its Ramadan offerings which means there will be more variety and more delicious experiments on Sehr & Iftaar.

The best time to place an order for your Sehr or Iftaar is 1AM and 5PM, as the trend set by our top customers. Moreover, the new order tracking on foodpanda mobile app enables you to keep check of your order process without the hassle of back and forth human interaction.

Convenience, variety, value for money and lots of delicious food to make your Ramadan memorable – what more could you ask for? Download the foodpanda mobile app now.


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