Geo Entertainment’s Ehsaas Ramzan Pays Tribute to the Brave Mother of the New Zealand, This Mother’s Day


The loved ones who are no longer among us are usually missed the most on special occasions, and with the occurrence of Mother’s Day, it was time not only to commemorate the heroics of a mother, but also to pay tribute to her strength and steadfastness in the face of loss. Geo Entertainment’s transmission Ehsaas Ramzan, hosted by the renowned anchor Rabia Anum, also took the time out to remember the deceased members of our society, along with the fallen heroes from the dreadful Christchurch incident that happened this year in New Zealand, when a terrorist opened fire in a mosque during the Friday prayers. Ehsaas Ramzan invited a mother from New Zealand for an exclusive interview – a brave mother who lost her husband and her eldest son to the massacre.

Naeem and his son Talha were praying at Al Noor mosque when the mass shooting took place and both of them embraced Shahadat. This is the first Ramzan for Naeem’s family, after their departure, which is a very difficult time for them, especially for the widow of Naeem, Ambreen. On the occasion of Mother’s day, to share their pain and show gratitude for the martyrs, the family was invited to the set of Ehsaas Ramzan, while Ambreen was brought online live from New Zealand to have a conversation.

Despite losing her husband and 22-year old son Talha Naeem, Ambreen seems to be a very strong woman. She showed no regret of her beloveds going for that Friday prayer, and rather considers them to be blessed. She discussed the benedictions of a martyr in Islam during the interview and also conversed about the routine of Naeem and Talha in preceding years’ Ramzan.

Geo Entertainment did a commendable job to remember our heroes and regarded their family too. Not just that, they also appreciated how mothers all over the world soldier on even after facing so many unimaginable calamities.

Ehsaas Ramzan is a special transmission being aired everyday on Geo Entertainment for the month of Ramzan that focuses on the feeling of Ehsaas for others – sympathizing with them and doing for them exactly what you would do for yourself. With featuring Ambreen Naeem on the show, Ehsaas Ramzan tried to promote peace, spirituality and brotherhood among the citizens of Pakistan in the blessed month of Ramzan and it really did bring the viewers down to tears.


Written By Roha Owais


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