Get a wriggle on Society Buttress #NotAFailure


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. For decades, women in Pakistan are facing hundreds of challenges based on their daily life routine. We live in the society where people have mindsets that a perfect woman is the one who always work in the kitchen “Subha say ly kar raat taak”. To break the norms of our society National Foods has taken a step towards the change by promoting meaningful message through their TVC. Every man wants his life partner who not only knows how to cook delicious food but also who supports him on every step of life.

National Foods always provide best quality food and masala range to their customers. We live in 20th century where daily life routine works are based on word “fast”, everyone wants quick response to their work due to tough and busy schedule.

Pakistani recipes such as desi ones always take long time in preparation as well as in cooking. National Foods masala range has made these long time taking recipes easy. But that doesn’t mean that if women won’t spend long hours in kitchen then she isn’t a successful wife or Bahu. Family comfort is the top priority for any woman as well as kitchen responsibilities. With the help of National masala range women can cook a variety of recipes within short scale time and thus they can spend quality time with their love ones.

In their TVC they have used the word “failure”, they are trying to support women of our society but they are not judging those who don’t use National masalas are actually a failure in their cooking, so these type of misconceptions are wrong. This TVC will surely encourages women to use these “sahulat” wali recipes mixes. Even its okay if someone wants to use old school method recipes for cooking as long as viewers are not taking National Foods TVC message in wrong direction cause breaking the stereotype or to support women empowerment isn’t a piece of cake.

In end want to conclude by saying “Stand up and brace yourself with courage to support building block of our society cause saying goes home is not home without a woman”.


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