Hadiqa Kiani wishes to collaborate with Bollywood composer A.R Rahman


Hadiqa Kiani is a well-known name in our Pakistani music industry. She’s one of the versatile vocalists of Pakistan.

Besides this, she’s a songwriter and philanthropist. She has received numerous local and international awards and also has performed at the most prestigious venues in the world, including Royal Albert Hall and The Kennedy Center.

Recently, she had an interview where she told about music collaboration and her experience of the year 2020.

While talking about her wish for music collaboration, she said:

I wish to collaborate with A. R. Rahman. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time now.

A.R Rahman is a Bollywood composer and a singer too.

While sharing about her experience of the year 2020, Hadiqa told:

2020 taught me patience and resilience. Be patient, nothing happens overnight. Neither do you get fame overnight, nor do things get mended [overnight]. It takes a lot of time.


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