Hira Mani Gets Trolled For Her Crazy Dance Moves And That’s Not Fair!


The dazzling actress Hira Mani has been building up her reputation in the industry since long by giving us something big in the television industry. After completing the drama serial ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ which was aired on HUM TV Network, we all are in love with Hira Mani’s acting. Yes, you read right. We really love her super amazing acting! She has now got a pretty fine line-up of TV serials and people just cannot stop adoring her.

Seeing as from the last few days, our Snapchat and Instagram have been swamped with a lot of videos of several Pakistani celebrities at dance practices. It’s driven out that, all these stars like Feroze Khan, Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Zara Noor Abbas and many others have gathered beneath one roof for ARY’s Associate VP, Raza Moosavee’s wedding. Recently, a dance video of the actress Hira Mani has been viral where the actress can be seen dancing her with her husband and friends.

We Must Accept That Hira Mani Can Dance Well!

OMGG, Her Skills Are Exceptional!

However, our society never learned to appreciate the skills of others. Usually, they only know how to bash and troll others. In these cases, they are only good at letting others down with huge criticism. Hence like every other celebrity, Hira Mani also got trolled by people on her dance moves. Therefore you can just see the proof of negative vibes around us!

Why can’t we shut our mouth if we can’t appreciate others? Why speak badly when we don’t have enough strength to speak well about someone? Well, these dance practices are simply for fun and enjoyment. Particularly that’s what Hira is doing! In short, let people enjoy their life just as you do it yours.


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