I would like a partner who has a fear of Allah: Neelam Muneer


Neelam Muneer is a well-known actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry who always wins the hearts of fans with her phenomenal acting.

She has given hit drama serials which include Kahin Deep Jaley, Dil Nawaz and Dil Mom Ka Diya. Currently, Neelam Muneer is seen in ARY Digital’s drama ‘Pyar Deewangi Hai’.

Recently, the star appeared in an interview where she talked about the type of life partner she prefers, relationships and love.

While talking about the preference for a life partner, she shared:

I would like to have a partner who would believe in charity and must be a kinD-heaRted person. He should think good about his country and should have a fear of Allah.

While linking her drama ‘Pyar Deewangi Hai’s love story with the real-life, she said:

In real life, such intense love isn’t possible. People are too busy in their lives, there is a lot of inflation, prices of goods are increasing daily, THE dollar is uncontrollable, AND people have different issues, now a twelve years old is busy in earning via making his vlogs.

Adding up more, she said:

It’s not that era in which people leave THE world for the sake of love. There is a reason behind the story of Pyar Deewangi Hai which you will have to watch.

Watch the interview below:

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